Nomad RDC

I rebranded the identity for Nomad Research Design Consultation. Along with a new website we were excited when the stationery arrived, included a GF Smith Colorplan triplex card with one layer die cut.

CoGC Library and Learning Space

Project completed for City of Glasgow College library. I designed a series of stretch canvas prints that cover LED lit hooded canopies. These canopies divided the large area in to three different zones, identified by and night sky for individual, computer-equipped areas; a cloudy sky for an informal seating area and a sunny sky for a stretch of group study areas. I also art directed a massive 30 metre wall illustration by illustrator Tony McKay, which depicts a timeline of the college along with Glaswegian motifs. Further illustrations were created on the floor below.

Nominated for the Scottish Design Awards 2013

Photos by J Cooper and Robert Burry

More info here:

King's College London Creative Consultation Porject

For my first completed Nomad RDC project, this book compiles the results of a research and consultation project for the upcoming Quadrangle at their Strand Campus. This was issued internationally to architects bidding for the tender, won by Hall McKnight.

More info here:

Lidl & CLIC Sargent Valentine's Charity Céilidh

Helped another friend out who was organising this charity event. Tickets and posters contributed to a full and successful evening.

The Art Store Glasgow: Giving A Gift From The Art Animation

I created the soundtrack and all the sound for a friend's animation for The Art Store, Glasgow. A nice stop frame story of three gift makers – check it out:

Giving a Gift from the Art from ArtstoreUK on Vimeo.

Bad Bonobo

Another logo design for a London-based film production collective. The aim was encapsulate the name succinctly.

Rack & Ruin

A logo designed for a Edinburgh night club. Dishing out an eclectic range of electro and dance music for the discerning club-goer. Also designed the first flyer, showcasing the 'choice cuts' awaiting.


Having left The Skinny magazine as a Designer, I am continuing as a writer. My monthly column will appear in print and online and is entitled "Phagomania", which means a compulsive desire to eat. It is born out of my fixation with weird food and that is the gist of the theme. From crazy visual creations to odd global traditions via Japanese burgers with 1050 pieces of bacon and 1000 slice of cheese.

Quiet Times

Things have been quiet here for too long, following a move from The Skinny designer to Nomad RDC last year. But that means there is a lovely back log of work to come and I'll be putting new pieces following this post. Feel free to get in touch and let me know what you think about any of them!

Nomad RDC